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Free 2016 Calendar

It's here! Thanks to all of your e-mails, tweets, and comments, the vintage-inspired free 2016 calendar is back for another year. (I love hearing from you, feel free to reach out at any time!) This year, I've included an exclusive gift with your download because I appreciate you.  Please continue to tag @theanastasiaco in your photos each month! It's so wonderful to see ... continue reading...

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The Anastasia Co. + A Jar of Pickles

Stationery Giveaway + A Jar of Pickles

What’s up, December? It’s unreal that we’re entering the last month of 2015.  Between three shows, selling in my first store (!!!), and the holiday orders rolling in – the last two months have left my head spinning. In the words of Dierks ... continue reading...

Cards + Pumpkins | | The Anastasia Co.

Junkstock: Harvest Edition

Junkstock has changed my life. When I set up shop for the very first time last October, I had no idea what was ahead. The lessons learned, the opportunities created, and the people I've met in the last year are absolutely ... continue reading...