Free 2016 Calendar

It’s here! Thanks to all of your e-mails, tweets, and comments, the vintage-inspired free 2016 calendar is back for another year. (I love hearing from you, feel free to reach out at any time!)

This year, I’ve included an exclusive gift with your download because I appreciate you. 

Please continue to tag @theanastasiaco in your photos each month! It’s so wonderful to see how you use the calendar. Wishing you the happiest new year!  

Free 2016 Calendar | @theanastasiaco

Free 2016 calendar

Download Here


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  1. says

    I’ve been searching for a really good and affordable planner in malls but haven’t seen one that I like. Glad to stumble upon your great blog and download something that I can use for 2016 already!! Thank you so much for your wonderful works!! ♥

  2. Tim says

    This calendar is gorgeous but i was also thinking that you could make it a timeless one by simply having the month and the days in each month without being specific to the year. I like these because you can use it for days that the day of the week is irrelevant like birthdays and special occasions. people can even out their own art on top if the days are at the bottom! Just a thought to have your design be longer lasting :)


  1. […] 2. El más versátil. Porque este calendario imprimible que podréis encontrar en el enlace a la web de su autora puede usarse como cada uno quiera: colgado en la pared, decorando nuestro escritorio e incluso, como en la foto, sujeto a una carpetilla de madera para llevarlo con nosotros allá donde vayamos y que no se nos escape ningún compromiso. (Vía: The Anastasia Co.) […]

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