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8 Office Decor Ideas

Just like your home, your office should be a place where you feel relaxed and inspired. In addition to having the right vibe, your office space needs to be functional — and there are many ways to combine the two.

Whether your style is modern or boho, colorful or neutral, these decorative elements can be tweaked and styled to fit your aesthetic. Here are eight creative ways to decorate your office.

1. Wire Grid Organization

(Photo by Sophie’s Moods)

A wire grid is the ultimate combination of pretty and practical. Choose a pretty gold tone for a chic vibe or neutral black or white for something more toned down. Then, let your creativity take over. Fill your grid with a combination of pretty photos, work notes, reminders and small prints.

Office Decor Ideas

2. A Large Calendar

(Photo by Jen Woodhouse)

Fill wall space with a large calendar, allowing you fast and easy reference to upcoming important dates, deadlines and meetings. Using an acrylic calendar allows easy erasing and updating, while a paper option can feature beautiful art. Jen Woodhouse has a great DIY tutorial here, or if you’re short on time you can buy one here!

Office Decor Ideas

3. Inspiring Wall Art

(Photo by Amy Humphries)

If you have a large wall to fill, a gallery of inspirational art is the answer! Combine quotes, photos and illustrations for a well-balanced mix. We have 90+ wall art options in the shop!

Frames are also essential to a well structured gallery wall, so choose a theme before starting to frame your pieces. Black and white give a classic, formal look while rustic wood frames add texture.

4. House Plants

(Photo by @cozy.happy.home)

It’s time for house plants to become office plants! Plants offer a multitude of benefits — including air purification and even reducing stress levels! Read all about the benefits of having indoor plants right here.

Take into account how much sunlight your office gets before picking out plants, and then set them on floating shelves or on your desk for a pop of green and a piece of the outdoors inside.

Office Decor Ideas

5. A Cohesive Color Palette

(Photo by Dream Green DIY)

Make sure your decor is cohesive by choosing your color palette right off the bat. Whether it’s bold and colorful, muted tones or neutral, everything in your decor should feel connected.

6. Desk Accessories

(Desires of Your Heart Journal by The Anastasia Co)

In the midst of adorning the walls, don’t forget about your desk! Use accessories that are functional as well as pretty, such as a gold stapler, a cute tray for holding notepads or a fun pen cup. And every desk needs an encouraging notebook! Try one of these options and be inspired by the cover art each time you need to jot something down.

7. Eye-Catching Organization

(Photo by Tory Stender)

The less cluttered your space, the more motivated, inspired and ready to tackle the day you’ll feel! Utilize your shelving by filling it with baskets, bins, and bookends in order to categorize and organize everything you need stored in your office.

8. Moodboard Wall

(Photo by Victoria McGinley)

If you’re in a creative field, a moodboard can provide inspiration in your day-to-day work. Update it frequently with new photos, color palettes doodles and ideas. It’ll provide a pretty gallery of decor while prompting creative brainstorming. Victoria has a great tutorial on how to put together your own inspiration board!

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