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9 Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Take Your Space to the Next Level

Of all the spaces in your house, your bedroom should be the area where you feel the most at home. It should be cozy, comfortable and truly highlight your style and personality.

With so many main pieces to play off — from the dresser to your headboard — it’s easy to take your bedroom decorating to the next level. Whether it’s through variety in textures, patterns or colors, you can make your room a serene escape. Here are eight ways you can decorate and cozy up your bedroom.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas
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1. Layered Pillows

via The Anastasia Co.

The ultimate key to coziness is pillows on pillows (on pillows). Really, you can never have too many. Find a selection that complement each other but don’t necessarily match. You want variety while also maintaining congruity. Look for similar color tones (such as pastels, neutrals or jewel tones) and mix and match subtle patterns and textures. See how to perfectly arrange your layered pillows right here!

2. Geometric Shelving

via Fernweh Home

Move beyond standard floating shelves and dive into the realm of fun shapes and colors. Hexagonal shelves give a bit of a shadow box effect, surrounding the items rather than just sitting under them. You can also arrange the shelves into fun designs or use a single, larger shelf to make a statement.

3. Rug

via West Elm

A rug immediately warms up a space. Without it, your bedroom can look cold and uninviting. After all, who wants to get up in the morning and put their bare feet on the chilly, hard floor? A rug is so much cozier. Pro tip: make sure to put rug pad to put under your rug to give it a little extra cushion.

Statement wall art adds a consistent reminder of a phrase or mantra you want to life or relationship to be founded in. This set of I Choose You Art Prints will be right at home above your bed.
4. Wall Art

Statement wall art adds a consistent reminder of a phrase or mantra you want to life or relationship to be founded in. This set of I Choose You Art Prints will be right at home above your bed.

5. Throw Blanket

via @keely.mann

Give your bed another touch of color, pattern and texture with a throw blanket on top of the quilt or comforter. Plus, this piece of functional decor is easy to swap out when you’re wanting something new. Try using a dark, heavier blanket in the winter and trade it out for a airy, pastel throw in the summer.

6. Plants

via @shylacino

You can never go wrong with plants! With practically endless varieties to choose from, you’re sure to find one (or 42) that you love. Small plants are great for atop a dresser or nightstand, while a larger plant can stand alone in a corner of the room. If you want to be extra creative, hang dried stems and leaves in pretty arrangements. (Plus, that means you don’t have to water them!) For more on the benefits of houseplants, read 3 reasons you need indoor plants here!

7. Hanging Chair

via Lantern Lane Designs

This fun and functional piece of furniture almost feels like you’ve brought the outdoors inside, with a bit of a porch swing vibe. You’ll need ample room for a hanging chair (like these!), but it’s sure to be a conversation starter with anyone who’s checking out your decor. Add a few cute pillows for comfort and it’s good to go!

8. Shoe Display

via Hey Wanderer

Raise your hand if you have a few too many pairs of shoes… Yep, just like I thought. But have no fear — your shoes are about to become dual purpose. Pick out your cutest boots, heels, flats, whatever they may be, and place them on exposed shelving for both easy access and pretty decor. Who knew shoes could look so good on your feet and on a wall?

9. DIY Wall Hanging

via West Elm

Tapestries and woven hangings have become increasingly popular, and while they tend to have more of boho vibe, you can also use them to spice up your modern decor. Follow a tutorial online or just wing it, picking some of your favorite yarn and a simple hanging rod to create a textured wall hanging that you can be proud of. Want it done for you? Find tons of beautiful, affordable options right here!

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