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City Scenes: The Old Market

This weekend my best friend Ashley and I had a blast exploring the Old Market in downtown Omaha. While this is not new territory for us, we don’t often get a chance to walk around and appreciate the beautiful architecture and scenery.

Downtown Omaha is home to over 200 businesses, restaurants, and lofts. From fortune 500 companies like Union Pacific and ConAgra, to small boutiques and shops, the area is full of history and character. The Old Market is a lively neighborhood where it’s not uncommon to see horse-drawn carriages, sidewalk musicians, and other performing artists as you walk through the cobblestoned streets.

Downtown Omaha

The Old Market Omaha: Baum IronBaum Hydraulics

Rock Bottom Brewery OmahaRock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery

Fairmont Antiques & Mercantile in OmahaFairmont Antiques & Mercantile

Fairmont Antiques & MercantileFairmont Antiques & Mercantile

The Old Market Omaha

Iron Door

The Old Market PassagewayTrini’s Mexican Restaurant

The Old Market Omaha

Upstream Brewery Downtown OmahaUpstream Brewing Company

Downtown Omaha

Brick Building

The Berry & Rye OmahaThe Berry & Rye

Old Market DentalOld Market Dental

Old Chicago OmahaOld Chicago Pizza & Taproom


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