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Here, Too: a Catholic Lent Devotional for Women

Blessed is She Here Too Catholic Lent Devotional

While I often share faith over on Instagram, it’s been a minute since I’ve talked about it on the blog. Since it’s the most important aspect of my life, I wanted to be really honest about something.

Growing up, I was pretty distant from God. I felt like He was a far away force who was just waiting to punish me when I messed up. And I messed up, a lot.

I felt like there was no way I could live up to His expectations, and I felt like my failures were just too big and too unforgivable.

When I realized this was a HUGE lie, it changed me from the inside out. A few years ago I met the person of God: a loving father who wants nothing more than the very best for me. The God whose timing and plan is always perfect, and always better than mine – even when I don’t understand.

Closeness with Him brings an indescribable joy to good days and bad days and in between days. His love and grace brings purpose to heartache and pain.

This is a gift I truly want everyone to encounter, because it is SO good my friends.

God is waiting to meet us in every area of our lives and in all the brokenness in our hearts. He’s there in the desert, at home, on the road, in the storm, on the mountain, in the garden, and at the tomb.

Blessed is She Here Too Catholic Lent Devotional

Here, Too by Blessed is She is a Catholic Lent Devotional for women that takes you on a journey through the different places where we can find Jesus. It’s a tool that will help bring your life to God and meet him in a personal, intimate way.

If it’s been on your heart to dive deeper with the Lord, I highly recommend this Lent devotional. Throughout the sections you’ll find beautiful and intentional stories, prayers, gospel readings and reflections.

You can get it at blessedisshe.net, AND save 10% with code jillian10. (Through Saturday, 1/18)

Lent is such a powerful time to encounter Christ! I don’t think I’ve ever been ‘excited’ for Lent before, but I am really looking forward to carving out time to spend with this devotional each day.

Let me know if you decide to grab one — I would LOVE to pray for you + walk through it together. ?

Blessed is She Here Too Catholic Lent Devotional

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