Home Tour: Inside The Modern Hive

Courtney Otte, interior designer and founder of The Modern Hive, takes us around her darling, picture-perfect home. It’s no surprise that each room is like stepping into a magazine. The amount of thought and consideration that goes into her work is evident throughout each detail.

Modern living room.

Courtney’s living room can best be described as a home in the Hampton’s with a modern twist. To add interest and embrace the beautiful natural light that flows throughout the space, Courtney painted the walls white and installed picture moulding above and below a chair rail.

Mantel styling.

Pink flowers.

Coffee table styling.

Fun, modern eclectic office.

It’s been said that the more white space in a room, the more creative you are. For Courtney, it is just the opposite. When designing her office, she wanted to create a space that invoked creativity and a have place to display favorite accent pieces – including her Work Hard. Be Humble print by Matthew Taylor Wilson.

Picture ledges as shelving.

Work hard. Be humble.

To keep the room light and airy, Courtney incorporated white furniture and accents. Picture ledges installed next to her desk function as stylish shelving.

 All of the elements in the office allow my mind to wonder and come up with fresh new ideas for my clients.

On cold and rainy days, Courtney enjoys catering to her clients next to a bio-ethanal fireplace. Smokeless and odorless, bio-ethanal fireplaces are an inexpensive way to add warmth to a room. No electricity needed!

Modern office.

Clipboards are used display snippets of ideas and inspiration on a cheerful purple accent wall.

Clipboards to display inspiration and ideas.

Striped walls + moose

Mid-century modern bedroom.

Mid-century flair fills the guest bedroom. Most of the pieces in this room are repurposed, including the nightstand that Courtney snagged from Hutch – a local mid-century furniture store. The large watercolor painting hung above the bed pulls the room together.

Mid-century modern bedroom.

Modern dining room

Modern dining room

To foster a sense of relaxation in the master bedroom, Courtney chose a light grey and purple color palette. Of course, the space wouldn’t be complete without pops of pattern! Black and white striped curtains and chevron ikat bedding stand out beautifully and add the Modern Hive signature.

Modern bedroom
Bedding: gray + shades of purple

Modern lighting

To add Courtney’s style to your home, be sure to check out the M|H Collection!


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  1. Courtney says:

    Many thanks to Jillianastasia for working with me on The Modern Hive home tour. As always, you did an amazing job and always deliver great content!

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  3. I was just looking through your site and your Facebook page – your photos are nuts, girl! I love everything!!!! I’m Rachael from the Omaha Bloggers Network, btw. It’s nice to “meet” you. Looking forward to keeping up with your work. :)

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