Omaha Creatives Meetup Hosted By Mulhall’s

On a warm Thursday night in June, Mulhall’s hosted an INCREDIBLE gathering of local influencers, makers, photographers, and artists.

Omaha’s favorite plant nursery invited creatives who are making a mark on the city to come together for friendship, inspiration, and good conversation.

I had the best time hanging out with some insanely talented people I look up to very much, and not just because I’m short. ;) Think Instagram, but in real life!

Justin Fennert, co-founder of District Studio and Hi Omaha led a great discussion, and Oana Befort shared her background. Oana is a Romanian-born graphic artist and freelance illustrator living in the Midwest. It was amazing to hear about her creative journey.

A big shout out goes to Farine + Four + Coneflower Creamery for the tasty, tasty treats!! 

THANK YOU for having us!! Mulhall’s is a leader in bringing the community together. You are greatly appreciated!

Mulhall's Plant Nursery Omaha Creatives Meetup Sign
Grace Gathered Home, Kimberly Dovi Photography, The Anastasia Co, and Simply Sass Studio
Coneflower Creamery Ice Cream Cart
Oana Befort Artwork Display
Food by Farine and Four in Omaha Nebraska
Lemonade and Cactus
Mulhall's Plant Nursery Omaha Creatives Meetup Sign

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