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Redefine Podcast Feature: Holding Core Values

The Anastasia Co Redefine Podcast Brittni Schroeder Jillian Garry

The past few years have presented new challenges for small businesses and entrepreneurs across the board.

How do we hold steady and stay true to our values in a world that is becoming noisier every day?

I had the honor of being a guest on Redefine Business Podcast with Brittni Schroeder, and I shared how we do this here at The Anastasia Co.

During this episode we dive into ā†’

  • How my corporate marketing career paved the way for me as an entrepreneur
  • The timeline + journey of how we’ve built a sustainable product business
  • When the turning point was for long-term success
  • 4 tips + my best advice you can apply to your own business
  • How we stay true to our core values during these crazy times
  • What’s next for The Anastasia Co

Listen + view show notes here

Brittni Schroeder is a talented business and marketing coach who helps entrepreneurs create marketing strategies, build systems, and implement automations.

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