Tasteful Tech 002: Choose Happy

Sometimes it’s hard to remember, but ultimately we are the ones in control of our attitude. Of course there are times when tough situations make it difficult to be happy, but it’s important to remember that we decide how to handle all of the ups and downs life loves to throw our way.  Maybe there’s something that happened in the past that’s holding you down, or perhaps worries about the future tend to weigh on your heart – no matter what it may be, making an effort to stay positive can truly make a world of difference.  Who knows, maybe your happy vibes could help someone else who is having a hard time.  After all, good energy is contagious.

Download this simple reminder to ‘choose happy’ below!

Choose happy phone background.

Choose happy. Making an effort to stay positive can make a world of difference.

Choose Happy | iPhone 4

Choose Happy | iPhone 5


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