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Download this free 2018 calendar for your home or office. The minimal style complements any decor and serves as a simple at-a-glance reminder.

December 29, 2017

Free 2017 Calendar Printable |

Download this vintage-inspired, at-a-glance calendar below. The minimal style makes it the perfect complement to any decor.

Free 2017 Calendar (Updated for 2020!)

January 18, 2017

The Anastasia Co | Vintage Art Prints

It has been a big year for Junkstock, and it is not over yet. The vintage festival celebrated its fifth birthday with a third, bonus show in April, and said goodbye to the old dairy farm in June. The event will be relocated to nearby Sycamore Farms, a few miles up the road, in October! While I wasn’t […]

August 7, 2016

Free 2016 Calendar | @theanastasiaco

Download this vintage-inspired free 2016 calendar for a simple, at-a-glance reminder. Enjoy an exclusive gift with your download!

Free 2016 Calendar (Updated for 2020!)

December 27, 2015

Cards + Pumpkins | | The Anastasia Co.

Junkstock has changed my life. When I set up shop for the very first time last October, I had no idea what was ahead. The lessons learned, the opportunities created, and the people I’ve met in the last year are absolutely priceless.  In case you aren’t familiar with the event, Junkstock is a three-day vintage festival held twice […]

November 23, 2015

Jillianastasia Cards

Vintage enthusiasts gather twice a year on a historic dairy farm in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s magic. Junkstock, now one of the biggest junkin’ events in the midwest, continues to gain momentum each season.

Junkstock: Garden Edition

July 8, 2015

A simple, printable 2015 calendar for you to hang wherever you need a little reminder.

December 17, 2014

Jillianastasia Paper Co. stationery display.

Hello, friends! How I have missed you. This month has been nothing short of a whirlwind, in the best possible way. After selling online for about a year, I brought Jillianastasia Paper Co. to life for the first time.

Junkstock + Jillianastasia Paper Co.

October 22, 2014


Give your phone a chic update with this adorable gray and white vine patterned wallpaper!

September 25, 2014

I was thrilled when Jennifer from Fresh Crush invited me to join the Tour through Blogland! Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes at Jillianastasia, and get to know some incredibly talented creatives.

Behind the Scenes: Jillianastasia

September 22, 2014