Copper-Dipped Planter DIY

Spring is such a beautiful time of year. Everything comes to life in the most colorful ways! Flowers and plants are one of the most loved signs of spring, and I felt it would be wrong not to add a little greenery to my desk at work. After making a trip to my local nursery, I found the perfect plants for the job. The only thing missing was a beautiful home for them to thrive. These copper-dipped planters were super simple to make, and they really add the bold punch of color I was looking for!.

 Copper-Dipped Planter DIY

Coppyer-Dipped Planter DIY

What you’ll need

  • terra cotta pots
  • acrylic paint
  • acrylic metallic paint
  • sponge brushes
  • painter’s tape

Planter DIY


1. First, tape off the rim around your pot with painter’s tape. The tape that I used measured 1.5  inches, and worked well with 3 inch pots.

2. Next, paint the base of your pot with acrylic paint. Let it dry for a few minutes.

3. Finally, peel off the painter’s tape. Use metallic paint to cover the rim for the copper effect. I did this by hand, and I found these brushes were perfect for achieving a smooth edge.

Planter DIY

White, teal, grey, and brown color palette.

Planter DIY

Planter DIY

Planter DIY


Looking for a low-maintenance house plant? Find details about how to grow succulents here!


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