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Free Weekly To-Do List |

Between a full-time marketing job and running my own business, staying organized is an essential part of each day. Communicating with clients, designing custom work, taking photos, writing content, keeping track of expenses, scheduling posts – the list goes on. Here’s the kicker: it’s never actually “done.” 

With a never-ending list of things to do, it can be easy to lose focus and get lost in the chaos. I’ve recently been making it a point to live more intentionally. Why? It means more time for things like evening bike rides, happy hour with friends, and going to concerts. You know, the good stuff. 

I teamed up with Annie, the talented artist behind MontgomeryFest, to share tips on staying organized and spending your time with purpose. We’ve created a free weekly to-do list for you to keep track of your goals and tasks at a glance. Her gorgeous hand lettering (check out this amazing feed!) paired with my rustic typography was the perfect match. Download below!

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re also a busy, busy person with interest in adopting new organization techniques. So, here are a few tips that have helped me stay on track. 

Write it down. Seems simple enough. BUT, this is the most effective way to organize your thoughts. Writing it down brings that task out of your head and into reality. No matter how small a task seems, make note of it. You’ll rarely find me without a pen in hand or the Notes app open. Crossing items off the list results in an extremely satisfying feeling. That task can no longer stare back at you.   

Prioritize. After you’ve written down all of those tasks, determine what’s most important. Ask yourself what the absolute top priorities are, and assign a day to them. Make those goals achievable. This is something I do at the beginning of each week. It really helps to have a clear focus and to be able to say no to things that don’t fit within that scope.

Group like tasks. If you see a similar pattern in your list, plan to tackle those items together. A huge way to boost productivity is to complete similar items at the same time. It can also make your list seem a little less daunting. An example could be setting aside some time to respond to e-mails rather than replying sporadically throughout the day.

Clear the clutter. Cut off the distractions. Does your brain have too many tabs open? Focusing on one thing at a time is the best way to spend your time intentionally. You may even find you can complete what you want to do more quickly. We are constantly bombarded with distractions from our devices. Place your phone out of arm’s reach for a little while – it will do wonders. I promise. Turn off unnecessary notifications, and unsubscribe from unwanted e-mails. 

Schedule time for yourself. It can be easy to put yourself last. I can be very guilty of this at times. However, something awesome happens when you stop what you’re doing to do something just for fun. It’s rejuvenating. It allows you to come back to your work with a clear mind. It makes you happy. Block off time on your schedule for you to do that thing you always wish you had time for.  It could be watching your favorite show, scheduling a fitness class, or going to a wine tasting. Whatever it is, write it down, and do it. 

Be sure to visit MontgomeryFest for more tips on getting organized and spending time intentionally. 

Download weekly to-do list here


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  1. […] on over to The Anastasia Co. for more organization tips and let us know how you live intentionally! Grab the printable link […]

  2. Vera says:

    Thank you! :) /Vera

  3. Jenn says:

    I love that good feeling of crossing something off my to-do list! I need to work on scheduling time for myself. And the idea to group like tasks is so smart! Love this free printable too, it’s gorgeous :)

  4. Kim says:

    Love the to-do list…it’s hard to get things done during the week with a full time job so this list will help:)

  5. candy says:

    Lately it seems like if I don’t write anything down nothing gets done. Perfect solution to busy schedule and life.

  6. klauss says:

    As all know, the success of any project depends by 100% on the timely and correct planning. Thank you!

  7. Chrystie says:

    So helpful! thank you for the downloadable list :)

  8. I am literally in the same boat as you. I have to tell you this list does make me feel like I’m on the right track. Great post. I will be sharing :)

  9. These are great tips and thank you for the printable list!

  10. I absolutely love this ultra-stylish to-do list! I’m a complete list girlie myself. I enjoy crossing things off! It’s just so darn satisfying. One thing I really need to add on to my lists is “time for myself.” I get so caught up on overdrive that I need to remind myself that it’s okay to slow down and smell the roses.

  11. Alicia says:

    Completely agree with these tips. Writing it down definitely works for me, it’s always good to see the week laid out in front of you!

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