Junkstock: Harvest Edition

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Junkstock has changed my life. When I set up shop for the very first time last October, I had no idea what was ahead. The lessons learned, the opportunities created, and the people I’ve met in the last year are absolutely priceless. 

In case you aren’t familiar with the event, Junkstock is a three-day vintage festival held twice a year on an old dairy farm in Omaha, NE. When 30,000+ people gather with the same passion for finding beauty in the unexpected, magic happens. 

Bringing my online shop to life is something I absolutely love. What truly brings me the most joy is sharing the amazing work of the other collectors and artisans. Each season I share a peek of my space along with a recap of gorgeous finds and junk-tastic displays. 

Be sure to check out the inspiration from previous shows below! The Garden Edition is held each June, and the Harvest Edition is held each October. Sara Alexander, the founder, and her talented team continue to add a little more pizazz to each event. 

2013: Harvest | 2014: Garden | 2014: Harvest | 2015: Garden

The Anastasia Co at Junkstock

Old barn | Junkstock Omaha Harvest Edition 2015

Vintage clocks | Found & Flora Vintage display | Found & Flora

Found & Flora


Vintage collectibles | The West Place
The West Place


Wax Buffalo candles

Wax Buffalo


Vintage Charms | Jess Imports

Jess Imports


Vintage rust display Rustic display | 106 Vintage Co.

Vintage wood crates Bicycle wheel display

Enjoy the little things | Vintage display

106 Vintage Co.


Vintage display Vintage book display Vintage flashcard: make Vintage display Wire baskets + wood boxes

Minnesota Rust


Letterpress tray

Rusty Memories 


Vintage suitcase + books Pumpkins + baskets

Nodding Goat


Vintage typography

Vintage Seed Bags Wire basket + antler

 STC Finds
 Vintage cameras Rustic red patina + sunflower Antlers and pumpkins Rustic fall Antlers Vintage map and typewriter Vintage glass bottle collection Vintage cameras and glassware Vintage typewriter | Remington

Old barn | Junkstock Omaha


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  1. Jen says:

    Oh my goodness, Junkstock looks amazing!!!! Your photos are beautiful and this really makes me want to convince my hubby to take me to NE someday to go to this! Very cool!

  2. What great photos and a great adventure. We love that you love what you are doing!

  3. I am officially OBSESSED!! I wish I lived there. This looks like an amazing event and it’s so beautiful. I’m loving all of the little details! If I’m ever in Omaha in the Fall, this will definitely be a must do! Thank you for sharing.

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