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Free Printable Plant Watering Schedule

If you find it a chore to tend to all of your house plants and their individual needs, this printable plant watering schedule will make caring for your leafy fam easy and effortless.

Remembering how often to water your house plants can be a struggle. Some need to be watered daily, some only prefer water once every few weeks – it can be tricky to keep it all straight!

Having a consistent care schedule is key to keeping your indoor plants healthy and thriving. Designed to be minimal and simplistic, this watering chart will help you prevent overwatering or underwatering your house plants.

Whether you are new to plant care or a seasoned plant lady, this printable plant watering schedule is made for all skill levels and will help you get organized. Simply download, print, and say goodbye to wilted, sad looking leaves.

The Plant Watering Schedule download is currently available in the United States.

How to use this Plant Watering Schedule:

1. Fill out the key in the upper left corner.

  • Select four different colors of highlighter, pencil, or marker to note watering, feeding, dusting, and rotating.
  • If you don’t have different colors handy, you could also use symbols to differentiate between the tasks.

Tip: Laminate this sheet and use dry erase marker to reuse it month after month

2. Mark the month in the upper right corner.

3. List out each of your plants in the Plant Name column.

  • If you’re unsure of the plant name:
    • Use a plant identifier app to locate the plant type
    • Give it your own nickname, or use a descriptor like location or pot color to help you know which plant you’re referring to

4. Fill in the frequency column

  • In this space, you’ll write how often your plant needs watered. (1-2x/week, 1x/month, keep moist, etc.)

5. Start watering + planning!

  • The numbers 1-31 across the top represent a horizontal calendar. When you complete each task, fill in the bubble with the corresponding color you designated in your key.
  • Another way you can use this care schedule is to fill in the bubbles ahead of time to create a plan, and use an X or a checkmark to note when completed.
Remembering how often to water your house plants can be a struggle. This printable plant watering schedule will help you track how often to water, feed, dust, and rotate your house plants at a glance.

Good work! You now have an easy, organized way to view your complete indoor plant care schedule at a glance. Head to the shop to grab a celebratory Plant Lady Tee!

This Plant Watering Schedule complements our Daily Schedule + Organization Pack!

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