Inside Ted & Wally’s: An Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

Ted & Wally’s has been churning ice cream the old-fashioned way in Omaha’s Old Market since 1986. Each of the 450+ flavors is handmade with rock salt and ice, using only the freshest, finest all-natural ingredients; many of which come from other small businesses and local farms. While the way the ice cream is created hasn’t changed, new flavors are added regularly. From the classics to some not-so-traditional flavors, they’re always innovating and coming up with something different. Ted & Wally’s menu has the perfect treat for everyone – they even offer vegan-sorbet and diabetic-friendly choices when you call ahead!

In addition to real ingredients (no corn syrup here) and making each visit the very best it can be, what makes Ted & Wally’s extra sweet is the atmosphere. Keeping with old-fashioned practices, the cozy interior will take you back in time with antique furnishings and vintage signage. A chalkboard menu shows the flavors of the day, and heirloom-style fixtures illuminate the parlor. Making a stop at Ted & Wally’s is a must when visiting Omaha’s Old Market.

Ted & Wally's Ice Cream ParlorVintage Ice Cream ParlorIce cream is churned with rock salt and iceFlavors of the day chalkboardTed & Wally's Ice Cream Parlor

Old-fashioned Ice Cream ParlorTed & Wally's logo

Photos courtesy of Smart Tour Media


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  1. I LOVE their ice cream and I love that they offer vegan flavors!

  2. I love Ted and Wallys! They always have fun flavors! Although their haggis flavor took that creativity a little too far. ;)

  3. Never tried it, but your pictures made me crave some of that authentic atmosphere and great ice cream :)

  4. Alissa Apel says:

    I took my kids there this summer when my husband was working on the Flock House Project down at the Bemis. They loved it, and kept thanking me for taking them there. :)

  5. amanda says:

    This place is so cute! I love ice cream but am unfortunately lactose intolerant. Great to see that they offer vegan chocolate!!

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