Artful Blogging Magazine Feature: Discovering Passion & Purpose

Artful Blogging Magazine Feature | Discovering Passion & Purpose | | @theanastasiaco

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Reflecting on the past and reflecting on where I want to focus my time going forward. Looking back, the past three years of this little business have been built on one opportunity connected to another. If I had never applied for Junkstock 2 years ago, I wouldn’t be sharing this post right now. I wouldn’t have met some of the sweetest creatives who are now dear friends, and I wouldn’t have discovered my passion.

Amazing things happen when you take a leap of faith. 

It is such a honor to be featured in the Spring issue of Artful Blogging magazine. My story, Discovering Passion & Purpose, talks about finding the thing that sets your soul on fire and how there’s no such thing as a small opportunity. Every moment in our lives has a purpose and leads us to where we are supposed to go next.

This beautiful, intentional publication can be found at Barnes & Noble, most craft stores, or online. Here’s a sneak peek! 

Artful Blogging Magazine Feature | Discovering Passion & Purpose | | @theanastasiaco

Words are powerful. They write the story of your life. My passion is to design words in a way that resonate with your heart and fill your soul with truth.

Artful Blogging Magazine Feature | Discovering Passion & Purpose | | @theanastasiaco

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