Plants instantly transform a room. Whether it’s a few cute succulents on your windowsill or an areca palm in an otherwise bland, empty living room corner — they elevate your space and add liveliness to it. You may be aware that plants absorb sound and provide us with clean air by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen. […]

Air Purifying Plants That Spruce Up Your Home

July 28, 2020

Keep your plants alive while you’re away on vacation! These six, easy DIY watering methods will keep your plants thriving and healthy.

How to Water Your Plants While Away

July 2, 2019

Why You Need House Plants in Your Home / Houseplants / Indoor Plants / House Plants / Air Purifying Plants / / @theanastasiaco

The best way to bring the outdoors in? Houseplants, of course. Indoor plants will purify your air, add beauty to your home, and reduce your stress levels. Plants make people happy. Read more about the three reasons why your home should have plants, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a plant lady!

3 Reasons Why You Need Indoor Plants in Your Home

October 16, 2018

Plant Lady Art Print with Succulents in a Greenhouse

A collection of gift ideas for the plant lovers in your life. From art prints and coffee mugs, to sweatshirts and ring dishes, these items are gift-ready.

7 Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

November 21, 2017

All About Air Plants |

Let’s talk about Tillandsia, also known as air plants. Read on for tips about how to care for and display air plants in your home!

All About Air Plants

August 25, 2015

Succulent Phone Background

Enjoy your very own succulent garden by downloading this free phone background! No water needed ;)

Succulent Phone Background

June 18, 2015

All about succulents

Looking for a low-maintenance house plant? Succulents thrive with minimal effort and add an eye-catching element to any space.

All About Succulents

April 9, 2014

Create a bold, beautiful home for your plants with this simple copper-dipped planter DIY.

Copper-Dipped Planter DIY

April 2, 2014