3 Bar Cart Styling Ideas + A Vintage Bar Cart Reveal

Vintage Bar Cart Styling | theanastasiaco.comWhen I bought my home, one of the first things I knew I wanted was a bar cart in the dining room. Priorities, right? 

After living here for more than a year; my bar cart is finally more than just bottles on a shelf, thank you to the kind folks at Bar Cart SupplyBar Cart Supply isn’t a traditional online store. Rather than shopping all of their items, they instead partner with influencers each month to curate a specific look with their stylish products. You’re then able to purchase the featured pieces to create the same look with your own bar cart.

When they reached out to collaborate, I immediately knew I wanted to emulate a rustic, vintage feel to seamlessly align with the rest of my home. The goal was to highlight natural textures while combing old and new pieces. 

The vintage bar cart was the foundation for the look. This piece is extra special to me. I found it while picking with a dear friend in Tablerock, NE. As soon as I saw the beautiful wood finish and rustic wheel, I knew it had to be mine.

⟶ See the full vintage bar cart reveal here

Vintage Bar Cart Styling | theanastasiaco.com

3 bar cart styling ideas: 

Bar Cart Styling | How to Style a Bar Cart | Ice Bucket | Stacked Old Books | theanastasiaco.com | Vintage Bar Cart

1. Create height with vintage books

Stacking old books is a great way to add visual interest. Display with the pages facing the front for a more neutral look. The worn pages make a subtle statement.

Bar Cart Styling | How to Style a Bar Cart | theanastasiaco.com | Vintage Bar Cart

2. Display your favorite vintage finds, such as an old camera, suitcase or basket

You know that thing you didn’t know how you were going to use, but you had to have it? This is the perfect opportunity to put it on display! Bar carts can hold more than just your libations and glassware. 

Bar Cart Art | Why Limit Happy to An Hour | theanastasiaco.etsy.com

3. Incorporate inspiring wall art

Wall art is the garnish to top off your decor. Tie everything together with some typography art prints. Our Why Limit Happy to an Hour art print is especially appropriate for the occasion. 

Click here for more ideas and tips on styling your bar cart!

Bar Cart Styling - Copper Straws | Vintage Bar Cart | theanastasiaco.com

Vintage Bar Cart Styling | theanastasiaco.com

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